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Tanzania safaris and Zanzibar Beach

Welcome to Sali Safaris, the best company for tailor-made Tanzania safaris and Zanzibar beach vacations! With our expertise and passion for crafting unforgettable experiences, we ensure that your journey through the heart of Africa surpasses your wildest dreams.

Tanzania stands as the pinnacle of safari destinations in Africa, consistently acclaimed for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife.  We specialise in curating bespoke Tanzania safaris and Zanzibar Beach adventures, whether it’s your first venture into the wild or a return for more extraordinary encounters. Our dedicated team is committed to turning your aspirations into reality, crafting personalized itineraries that leave indelible imprints on your memory.



Tanzania offers some of the most spectacular safari destinations in Africa, renowned for their diverse wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and authentic wilderness experiences

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Beyond the awe-inspiring realms of Tanzania’s national parks, we offer enchanting extensions to the paradisiacal Zanzibar archipelago. Renowned for its pristine beaches and rich cultural tapestry, Zanzibar beckons with its allure, promising a magical escape like no other in Africa. From Zanzibar Island to the hidden gems of Pemba and Mafia Islands, we orchestrate beach vacations that redefine luxury and relaxation. Whether you seek budget-friendly adventures, mid-range or luxury, caters to every preference. 

With our headquarters nestled in Arusha, the gateway to Northern Tanzania’s wonders, we eliminate the intermediaries, establishing direct communication between you and us, your trusted safari companions. From the iconic plains of Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater to the lesser-explored realms of Tanzania, our expeditions promise unrivalled encounters with nature’s wonders.

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There are many interesting places to make a story in your journey.

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There are many choices of interesting places to make a story in your journey.
Tanzania safaris and Zanzibar Beach

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