Ngorongoro Crater

standing proudly in the Ngorongoro conservation area, is the Ngorongoro crater. This highly visited Africa’s attraction. As a result of a submerged volcano, it is the world’s largest inactive,  unbroken, and unfilled Volcanic caldera, formed 2,5million of years ago. It is very famous because of its  high concentration of variety of animals and they are easily visible.


Black spotted hyenas




Wildebeest at the crater

Major Attractions in Ngorongoro

Black Rhinos

Ngorongoro creator is the only place you can easily see the black Rhino at the close distance at their  natural habitat as the area has the largest number of the black rhino population about (30). Black rhinos  are very rare and one of the world’s endangered species. The rhinos are protected heavily by the Authority  that makes one to be able to see two horn Rhinos at easy, making your dream of the African big five list  achievable.

Olduvai Gorge

One of the important pre historic site in the world is found in Ngorongoro. The fossils discovered here, are  said to be the earliest known evidence of the human species and date back millions of years.

Fauna (The animals of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.)

like The longest tusks elephants are found in the crater, Lion with the black manes etc. … The animal statistics at Ngorongoro are as follows, over 7,000 wildebeest at the crater, 6,000 black  spotted hyenas, 4,000 zebras, 3,000 Elands, 3,000 Gazelles, 300 Elephants, over 55 Lions, 30 Black  Rhinos and many small animals like kobs, antelopes, jackals, hippos and others which total over 25,00  wildlife.


The Ngorongoro Crater is a bird-watcher’s paradise with birds ranging from annual migrants from Europe  and Asia, grassland birds, sandy-grounds nestling birds, tree nestling birds, birds of prey and water birds.  Different species of birds like flamingos are found in the crater.

Notable Birds in Ngorongoro Crater Are Black kite, black-winged lapwing, Hildebrandt’s spur fowl,  kenya rufous sparrow, endemic to Tanzania and Kenya, and Lesser flamingo etc.