Seaweed Farming

Seaweed farms are built in shallow, calm and constantly warm water found across many beach villages in Zanzibar. Securing them on white sandy bottom seabed, new seaweed saplings are then attached to strings. This seaweed grows quickly and can be harvested after only two weeks, when it reaches an approximate length of 10 inches(FEET?). A small cutting is left on the string and the rest is carried to the village, where it is left out to dry.


You can combine with other tour eg Jozani, Dolphin etc.
Excursion time is on low tide.

The seaweed center is a project in close association with seaweed farm establishments in Paje beach village, an area renowned for its seaweed processing. The manufacturing site for its seaweed products is located 1-hour drive from Stone Town.
Seaweed farming initiatives have resulted in the production of soaps, creams and treatment scrubs infused with seaweed ingredients such as Lang Lang. These products are sold to visitors and the local community alike, while having also gained modest distribution across many East African hotel establishments. Zanzibar’s seaweed products are also exported to many foreign countries for further processing as well as for use in medicine, cosmetics, and in the preservation of food.

Pick up time at 8:30am or 9:00am. Half day excursions.

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